Unchained Podcast Audio Essay: The Most Forkable DeFi Protocols on Ethereum

As a suite of new layer 1 blockchains are launching, I’ve been thinking about Ethereum’s network effects, and the defensibility of the DeFi protocols built on top of Ethereum.

SXSW 2020 Session | Cryptoassets: Venturing into the Unknown

Believers in the crypto space often parallel it to the early days of the internet. Both started within small technology circles and moved on to a more mainstream audience with their first “killer app”; email in the case of the internet and bitcoin in the case of crypto. While the internet transformed the way we create and receive information, the crypto space is promising to transform the way we create and receive value.

Kyle Samani and Aantoly Yakovenko discuss "Black Thursday" on the Solana Podcast

In this episode, Kyle and Anatoly talk about the effects of COVID-19 on the cryptocurrency market, Black Thursday, and how they each see the next few months playing out in both the crypto and traditional markets.

Blockcrunch: DeFi is a Ticking Time Bomb with Ben Sparango and Christian Keroles

In this very special episode, Ben Sparango (@bennybitcons) from Multicoin Capital and Christian Keroles (@CK_SNARKS) debate the most common critiques for DeFi: DeFi can't scale beyond speculation, DeFi can't bank the unbanked, Composability is a ticking time bomb, The "skeumorphism" of DeFi.

A Conversation with Tom Shaughnessy on The Evolution Of the Web3 Stack

Host Tom Shaughnessy talks to Kyle Samani, Founder and Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital. Kyle discusses his predictions for the middle layer and full-stack development, attracting developers to the crypto space, how competition in the industry will develop, and a complete discussion on the Web3 Stack.

Chorus One and Kyle Samani Discuss the Crypto Mega Theses

The interview goes into the role of centralized exchanges and implications for the ecosystem, starting with taking a look at Binance’s approach that Multicoin has dubbed “blitzscaling”. Brendan and Kyle further explore networked liquidity and the DeFi ecosystem discussing who might dominate in the space of protocols, aggregators and robo-advisors if non-crypto players with better distribution channels join the space.

The Bear Case for Privacy Cryptocurrencies

Privacy is a fundamental right and crucial for the world of crypto - so why are some investors betting against privacy coins? Multicoin Capital's lead analyst Ryan Gentry joins me in discussing: Why privacy is a feature, not a product; Bearish thesis for Monero & ZCash; How Bitcoin & Ethereum can achieve privacy; and Lightning Network & privacy.

播客:Tushar 与 Kyle 作客 Patrick O'Shaughnessy 的《做最好的投资》播客

最近,我和 Kyle 参加了帕特里克·奥肖内西(Patrick O’Shaughnessy)的播客节目《做最好的投资》。帕特里克是一个非常优秀的采访者,他带着谨慎投资者的心态思考加密领域。您可以点击这里收听本期节目。

播客: Tushar 与 Dhruv 讨论 ASIC 挖矿、Chia 以及挖矿去中心化

最近,我在《对话 Multicoin Capital》播客频道上与 Unchained Capital 的合伙人兼首席战略官德鲁夫·班塞尔(Dhruv Bansal)进行了谈话。德鲁夫(Dhruv)是加密领域最聪明的从业者之一,他有着惊人的洞察力。以下为本期节目链

播客:Kyle 与 Tushar 作客 Laura Shin 的 Unchained 播客

最近,我与凯尔(Kyle)参加了劳拉·申(Laura Shin)的《Unchained》播客。它是我们最喜欢的加密货币播客之一。您可以点击这里收听本期节目。

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