Our Portfolio

In addition to managing a portfolio of liquid crypto assets, we invest in both private equity and tokens for projects that have not yet launched. We invest from the seed stage, and plan to support entrepreneurs over multiple rounds of investment in both private and public markets. We invest in technical endeavors that push the boundaries of computer science and technology, infrastructure that supports trust-minimized computation at global scale, and consumer and enterprise applications that require trust-minimized properties.

Algorand supports the scale, open participation, and transaction finality for billions of users Algorand

Algorand, Inc. is a technology company founded by cryptography pioneer, Turing award winner and MIT professor, Silvio Micali. Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. No forking. No uncertainty. It’s transaction throughput is also on par with large payment and financial networks.

Alpha Finance Lab is an ecosystem of cross-chain DeFi products

Alpha Finance Lab is an ecosystem of cross-chain DeFi products that will interoperate to bring optimal alpha returns to users. Alpha products focus on capturing unaddressed demand in DeFi in an innovative and user friendly way.

Arweave is a new blockchain protocol pioneering permanent data storage

Arweave’s mission is to become the new Library of Alexandria, but invulnerable to the pitfalls of centralised points of failure, ensuring that humanity’s shared knowledge and history is available to all future generations.

Audius is a digital streaming service that connects fans directly with artists and exclusive new music.

Audius is owned and run by a vibrant, open source community of artists, fans, and developers all around the world. Audius gives artists the power to share never-before-heard music and monetize streams directly.

Bakkt is bringing trust and utility to digital assets

Bakkt is building an open, seamless global network to enable you to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets simply, safely and efficiently. Backed by Intercontinental Exchange’s proven financial market infrastructure and technology, Bakkt’s secure global platform will connect investors, merchants and consumers, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective to access, trade and use digital assets.

DFINITY is a public decentralized cloud designed to host the next generation of software and services

DFINITY is building a new kind of public decentralized cloud computing resource. This rests upon a new blockchain computer that is similar in concept to Ethereum but has vastly improved performance and, ultimately, unlimited capacity. Business applications running on this computer will be unstoppable and won't need to involve complex components such as databases, backup and restore systems or Amazon Web Services, allowing costs to be cut by 90% or more by reducing the supporting human capital required.

dfuse helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world's decentralized data

dfuse is the blockchain API company. Powered by its low-latency architecture, dfuse’s robust APIs make it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide irreversible transaction guarantees all for the first time.

Dune Analytics provides Ethereum analytics by and for the community.

Query human-readable Ethereum smart contract data with SQL. Visualize your results and instantly share them with the world. Browse, share and fork community created analyses.

Furucombo is a drag and drop tool that allows traders to easily optimize their DeFi strategies.

Furucombo visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users set up inputs and outputs, and the order of the cubes, then Furucombo bundles all the cubes into one transaction and executes it on behalf of the user. This building block setup a “combo.”

Helium is building the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network

Helium is creating a new global network for billions of IoT devices. The network is powered by Helium Hotspots, which provide wireless coverage and generate Helium tokens. Within minutes, anyone can set up a Hotspot and provide connectivity for low power, IoT devices using LongFi, Helium’s new open wireless protocol.

Keep is building a privacy layer for Ethereum

A keep is an off-chain container for private data. Keeps help contracts harness the full power of the public blockchain, enabling deep interactivity with private data. Keeps provide a bridge between the world of public blockchains and private data. They enable a new wave of ground-up innovation for blockchain developers.

Livepeer is an incentivized peer-to-peer video service network

Livepeer is creating a scalable Platform-as-a-Service for developers who want to add live or on-demand video to their project. They aim to increase the reliability of video workflows while reducing the costs to scale them. To achieve this, they are building a p2p infrastructure that interacts through a marketplace secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

MathWallet is a powerful, universal crypto wallet with millions of users around the world.

MathWallet supports more than 50 chains, hundreds of tokens, and dApps through an integrated suite of mobile, web, and hardware wallets.

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to be used

MobileCoin has radicaly simplified private payments with easy key managment, sub-second transactions, forward-secrecy, and a user friendly experience. They are building a cryptocurrency that is deployable anywhere, and that can be used everywhere.

The NEAR Protocol is the most developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications

Near is the creator of the NEAR Protocol. Designed and developed by an experienced team of competitive programmers, the NEAR Protocol achieves global scale by using a novel sharding approach and consensus mechanism called Nightshade. NEAR provides predictable costs for applications and gives developers exceptional tools at the protocol level.

Nervos is building a layered infrastructure for the future crypto economy

Nervos Network tackles the scalability trilemma by separating state generation and state verification/storage in a layered architecture. As a public permissionless blockchain system, Nervos CKB provides powerful data abstraction, broad consensus, and strong security — all without sacrificing decentralization.

Oxygen is a deFi prime brokerage protocol that helps traders generate more yield.

Oxygen is a DeFi Prime Brokerage Protocol built for the future to support 100s of millions of people. It helps digital asset traders generate liquidity, earn yield, borrow assets to go short, get trading leverage against portfolio of assets.

Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized perpetual contract protocol for every asset.

Perpetual contracts are derivatives similar to futures contracts but without an expiry date. Perpetual Protocol pioneered the idea of virtual automated market makers (vAMMs), which guarantee on-chain liquidity with predictable pricing set by constant product curves.

Saffron is an asset collateralization and customized risk protocol for DeFi

Saffron is a protocol for tokenizing on-chain assets, including contracts that otherwise impair access to utilized capital. Tokenized ownership of on-chain assets gives liquidity providers greater flexibility and uninterrupted access to their underlying collateral while enabling leveraged staking and bespoke risk management.

SKALE empowers developers to run high-speed, low-cost smart contracts in Layer 2

SKALE's elastic sidechains provide all benefits of standard full-capacity sidechains alongside the security guarantees of truly decentralized networks. Elastic sidechains are highly performant, configurable, and Ethereum / Web3 Compatible.

Solana is a new blockchain architecture built from the ground up for scale

The Solana smart contract architecture supports up to 100,000 transactions per second on a global network of hundreds of nodes. Similar to Google’s TrueTime, which relies on synchronized atomic clocks for a trusted source of time and ordering, Solana has created a cryptographically secure and trust-minimized time source—called Proof of History—and developed a robust blockchain around it

Spring Labs is building a decentralized network for identity and credit

Spring is creating the foundation for a credit system that is more transparent and secure for consumers. The Spring network will allow users to view all attestations about their credit and identities for free, and enables functionality for open alerts and notifications. Spring's goal is to be a paradigm shift in data security and cost efficiencies for financial institutions

Tagomi is the first institutional-grade prime brokerage for crypto traders (Coinbase, 2020)

Tagomi combines institutional-grade services with superior execution technology for trading digital assets and crypto. Tagomi makes it easy to navigate the extremely fragmented global digital asset landscape with advanced tooling and liquidity aggregation capabilities that enable institutional investors to trade in size, at the right time, across markets. Tagomi was acquired by Coinbase in May 2020.

Tari is a new open source, decentralized protocol that reimagines the future of digital assets

The Tari platform allows anyone to program complex rules for digital assets and trust that they will be enforced. Tari enables the management, use and transfer of nearly any kind of digital asset you can imagine — from tickets to loyalty points to virtual goods and more — and offers unparalleled monetization opportunities for creators.

Textile is architecting a new way for individuals to own and control their data

Textile is known for creating an early IPFS-based photo-sharing application, Textile Photos. Textile also offers a suite of tools that includes a decentralized database, real-time app data, communication tools, remote backup and recovery, identity tools, and encryption tools available over APIs and in cross-platform SDKs. Nothing like Textile has ever existed at scale before and has the potential to rewire the internet and allow for new forms of apps and services.

The Graph is a protocol for building decentralized applications quickly on Ethereum and IPFS using GraphQL

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, starting with Ethereum. It makes it possible to query data that is difficult to query directly.

Torus provides a key management solution that makes Web3 apps indistinguishable from Web2 apps

Torus helps users to login to dApps using their OAuth accounts, such as Sign in with Google and Facebook Connect. Torus uses distributed key generation (DKG), a novel approach to key management, that works across all browsers and devices, and includes seamless account recovery without introducing any new trust assumptions.

Pioneering Crypto Activism

Investing in tokens is fundamentally different than investing in companies. New tools, heuristics, and security measures are required to responsibly invest in this ecosystem.

As crypto investors, we bear the responsibility of ushering nascent markets to stability—by way of investment, governance and active participation. And in doing so we are establishing the standard for crypto-native, value-additive services.

Network Participation

We proudly run validator nodes to help bootstrap young networks and maximize network safety. The role of crypto investors is evolving. We are eager to be active participants in the networks we back.


We understand the perspectives of major stakeholders better than most - developers, investors, and liquidity providers - and help companies craft optimal messaging and PR strategies.

Brand & Media Relations

We’ve built a strong brand as a result of our research and analysis. We maintain close relationships with key stakeholders in the ecosystem, including the media. We leverage our relationships to help portfolio companies work and grow with other participants.

Voting & Governance

Whether governance takes place informally or on-chain, we actively help lead communities to shape the evolution of protocols and ensure the success of our portfolio.

Bootstrapping Network Effects

For some open finance protocols, we can actually be the first customer and user, and provide immediate demand, utility, and liquidity.

Crypto Analytics

Using our in-house data science capabilities, we help teams understand usage and develop key performance indicators and user behavior to help track performance and shape strategy.