Our Mission

Innovation is messy. It is not efficient. Innovation requires experimentation and failure. It is not linear. It cannot be controlled.

Innovation requires freedom.

Decentralized systems allow for more freedom and innovation than centralized institutions in the same way that capitalism allows for more innovation than a centrally planned economy. Freedom to tinker and try new ideas creates space for permissionless innovation.

The current financial system is not designed to support permissionless innovation. It is a closed, centrally planned system with many barriers to entry, governed by outdated and byzantine rules and ideas.

The opportunity cost of the legacy financial system is the stifling of innovation. Blockchain technology will reshape the global financial system in a profound way. The decentralization of our institutions will pave the way for innovation that will unlock untold amounts of value.

Multicoin Capital’s mission is to accelerate the transition from the centralized institutions of the Industrial Age to the decentralized institutions of the Internet Age.

By accelerating the transition from permissioned to permissionless financial systems, we aim to accelerate humanity’s ability to achieve its full potential.

Kyle Samani


Kyle is a serial tech entrepreneur from Austin, TX. He’s a thought leader in the crypto ecosystem who is widely recognized for his unique insights. He has been programming since he was 10 years old.

Prior to founding Multicoin, Kyle founded Pristine, which built software for Google Glass for use by surgeons. Under his leadership as CEO, Pristine grew to millions in revenue and raised over $5M in venture capital before being acquired.

Kyle holds degrees in Finance and Management from NYU Stern.

Tushar Jain


Tushar is a serial tech entrepreneur from NYC. Prior to founding Multicoin, Tushar founded ePatientFinder, a healthcare IT company specializing in data science to identify patients who are eligible for clinical trials. Tushar served as the COO of ePatientFinder, leading the development of the technology platform, the data science processes, and managing the day to day operations of the company. Tushar helped raise over $10M in venture capital for ePatientFinder and grew the company to 25 employees, over 2 million patients and hundreds of clients nationwide.

Tushar holds degrees in Finance and Political Science from NYU Stern.

Vinny Lingham


Vinny is the CEO of Civic, a solution for identity verification on blockchain. He was also previously the founder and CEO of Gyft & Yola, Inc.

Vinny is a deep thinker in the space, understanding both the technology and the business implications of crypto. He’s one of the most recognized individuals in the space, and is often recognized as “The Bitcoin Oracle” for his track record in predicting crypto market cycles.

Brian Smith


Brian has previously worked in New York and San Francisco for private equity and hedge funds in both investing and operational roles. Additionally, he’s helped launch a long/short equity hedge fund. He later moved to Austin to build the corporate finance organization at Bazaarvoice as VP of Finance. He helped lead the finance organization for over three years through a private placement, IPO, follow-on offering and two acquisitions. He also served as VP of Finance at MainStreetHub.

Matt Shapiro


Previously Matt was a VP in the investment banking group at Teneo where he specialized in raising institutional capital for large transactions across a range of industries. He took a particular interest in constructing transactions that aligned the interests of disparate parties.

After spending years designing delicate incentive systems to bring distrusting parties together, Matt was drawn to the opportunity to leverage the unique functions of smart contracts and other crypto-economic primitives to create new models of incentive alignment that were never before possible.

Matt holds a degree in Finance & International Business from the University of Maryland.


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