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Our Firm

Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. We manage a hedge fund and several venture funds, investing across both public and private markets.

Since founding the firm in May 2017, we’ve developed a reputation for being forward-leaning, independent thinkers. We are known for pioneering token economic models, valuation methodologies, and challenging long-standing assumptions that the crypto ecosystem takes for granted.

Crypto is the first inherently global asset class, and the team covers activity around the world.

As a crypto-native fund, we actively engage and participate in the networks we invest in. Moreover, we are intimately familiar with the crypto technology landscape and market structure. We are hands-on investors, and will do everything in our power to maximize the success of our portfolio companies.

Today, we manage long duration capital on behalf of storied venture capital funds, family offices, institutions, and high net worth individuals.

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The Team

The blockchain space is evolving at breakneck speed. Our team hails from diverse backgrounds, giving us a competitive edge in staying ahead.

Kyle Samani

Managing Partner

As a former engineer, Kyle leads technical thesis formation and diligence. He is the more outwards facing partner, owning relationships with entrepreneurs and other investors. He is widely recognized in the crypto ecosystem for his writing and system-level analysis.

Kyle previously founded Pristine, a health IT startup that raised more than $5M in VC, and which was acquired by Upskill. Kyle holds degrees in Finance and Management from NYU.

Tushar Jain

Managing Partner

Tushar leads our portfolio construction, risk management, and manages the team. He is passionate about the new economic paradigm enabled by blockchain technology and focuses on decentralized financial products, token economics, and blockchain go-to-market strategies.

Tushar previously founded ePatientFinder, a health IT tech startup that raised more than $10M in VC, and which was acquired by Elligo Health Research. Tushar holds degrees in Finance and Political Science from NYU.

Brian Smith

Partner, CFO and COO

Brian leads finance and operations for the firm. He specializes in deal structuring, diligence, and legal and financial processes.

He has over 18 years of experience in public and private equity investing, investment banking, and corporate finance.

Brian previously served as a public equity analyst at Tiger Management (where he helped launch a Tiger-seeded hedge fund), a private equity investor with Fox Paine & Co., an investment banker at Greenhill & Co. and co-led finance at Bazaarvoice (BV) through the company’s IPO.

Greg Xethalis

Partner, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer

Greg Xethalis is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Multicoin Capital Management LLC. Joining Multicoin in July 2021, Greg manages all legal functions and oversees the adviser’s and the funds’ compliance regimes.

Prior to joining Multicoin, Greg was a partner in the Investment Management and FinTech practices at Chapman and Cutler LLP. At Chapman, he led the firm’s cryptocurrency efforts with a focus on asset managers, CeFi institutions and stable value tokens. Greg’s practice also involved representation of traditional equity, debt and commodity asset managers, with a specialty in novel registered products.

Matt Shapiro

Partner, Head of Investor Relations, and Member of the Investment Team

Matt leads investor relations and manages relationships with our partners. He also specializes in structured investments.

Matt has 15 years of investment banking experience structuring nine and ten-figure financings, spin outs, mergers, and acquisitions.

John Robert Reed

Partner, Head of Communications

John Robert leads communication and marketing for the firm and works closely with portfolio companies. He specializes in early-stage technology commercialization and has more than 15 years of experience in public relations.

Spencer Applebaum

Investment Partner

Spencer Applebaum is an Investment Partner at Multicoin Capital. Previously, Applebaum worked at Bitspark, the world’s first blockchain remittance platform to leverage Bitcoin to send money overseas. While there he assisted with the development of Zephyr, a pegged cryptocurrency solution on the BitShares DEX. He later went on to work with Deloitte, an industry-leading audit, consulting, and tax advisory in their multi-state tax division.

Vishal Kankani


Vishal Kankani is a Principal on the investment team at Multicoin Capital. He joins Multicoin Capital from Deutsche Bank. As a Vice President at Deutsche Bank, Vishal structured, priced and sold complex derivatives and quantitative investment strategies to institutional clients such as asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, etc. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Vishal traded Eurodollar Futures at a proprietary trading firm.

Shayon Sengupta

Investment Partner

Shayon Sengupta is an Investment Partner at Multicoin Capital. He previously worked as a Product Manager at Abodewell, a quantitative market maker in residential real estate. At Abodewell he led operations and development for their proprietary IoT security system, and held a senior role in growth operations and risk management for the firm’s inventory. Prior to Abodewell, Shayon worked on the Strategy and Business Development team at SAP.

Aleksija Vujicic

Investment Associate

Aleksija Vujicic is an investment associate at Multicoin Capital. Prior to joining Multicoin, she founded Zenzy, a digital wellness media and e-commerce platform for Gen-Z. She then went on to consult for consumer tech start-ups, which eventually led her to pursue her MBA at NYU Stern and pivot to venture capital. A focus on consumer crypto has allowed her to combine all of her interests as she explores the future of digital fashion, social media, e-commerce marketplaces and more in web3.