Podcast: Kyle and Tushar on Epicenter

By Tushar Jain

February 21, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

Kyle and I recently joined Meher Roy and Brian Crain on the Epicenter podcast. It’s one of our favorite crypto podcasts. Here’s the link.

We had a wide ranging conversation on topics including:

  • The origin story of Multicoin Capital
  • Money as an emergent phenomenon
  • A hypothesis that the most used smart contract platform will produce the winning store of value
  • Where Kyle and I disagree on Bitcoin
  • Why money is best thought of as an adjective not a noun
  • Differentiating between work tokens, payment tokens, and burn-and-mint tokens
  • Why work tokens capture more value than payment tokens
  • Competitive dynamics between open source protocols

Also, the Epicenter design team is amazing! Their polygon art is one-of-a-kind: podcast pixels

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