Podcast: Kyle on the Flippening With Clay Collins

January 07, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

Clay Collins, CEO of Nomics Finance, recently asked me to join him in wide ranging conversation on his new podcast, The Flippening. Here’s the link.

Topics include:

  • My reaction to being called a “coin picker”
  • Why some crypto hedge funds, but not others, can hold their own tokens and aren’t required to delegate custodianship to third party services
  • Multicoin Capital’s custodial system
  • Why the worst part of my job is trade execution
  • How I think about liquidity in the context of “venture capital economics with public market liquidity
  • The dimensions in which I want to compete with Wall Street, and those in which I don’t

Note: you can expect us to publish more podcast and video interviews moving forward.