Brian Smith Joins Multicoin Capital as COO/CFO

September 12, 2017 | 1 Minute Read

I first met Brian Smith about two years ago during my tenure at Pristine. I was recruiting him to lead and build Pristine’s finance organization. It was the best interview I’ve had with any candidate for any role, ever. Everyone on the Pristine executive team and board of directors loved him. We made him an offer, but unfortunately he passed. He was looking for something bigger.

For the last couple of years, Brian has been advising and investing in tech companies, looking for something bigger. Fortunately we’d stayed in touch. When Tushar and I founded Multicoin, I pitched Brian as an LP. He asked how to get involved.

Today we’re incredibly excited to welcome Brian to the team as our CFO/COO. He’ll be responsible for the internal operations for Multicoin. But more importantly, he’ll be building out our operations and compliance processes to grow Multicoin into an institutional-grade tier 1 cryptoasset manager. Institutional grade cryptoasset management doesn’t yet exist. Brian will pioneer it.

Brian is uniquely suited for this role. He has previously worked in New York and San Francisco for private equity and hedge funds in both investing and operational roles. Additionally, he’s helped launch a long/short equity hedge fund. He later moved to Austin to build the corporate finance organization at Bazaarvoice as VP of Finance. He helped lead the finance organization for over three years through a private placement, IPO, follow-on offering and two acquisitions.

We’re thrilled to have Brian join the Multicoin team.