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Ben Sparango and Tony Sheng talk The Trust Spectrum on the Chain Reaction Podcast

In this episode, Tom Shaughnessy talks with Ben Sparango and Tony Sheng of Multicoin capital to discuss their latest report on The Trust Spectrum. We will keep this short, as the episode covers everything - enjoy and share!

Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020: Fireside Chat with SKALE Labs

The two-day Ethereal Virtual Summit agenda features 100+ ecosystem leaders and can't-miss talks on the most exciting trends in the blockchain space, from decentralized finance to Ethereum 2.0. This interview features Jack O'Holleran (SKALE Labs) and Stan Kladko (SKALE Labs) Interviewed by Tushar Jain (Multicoin Capital).

The Stacks Podcast with Kyle Samani & Muneeb Ali (Blockstack PBC)

Kyle Samani, the Managing Partner of Multicoin, and Muneeb Ali, the Co-Founder of Blockstack, join the The Stacks Podcast to discuss research, investment theses, and debate the biggest trends in the industry.

Unchained Podcast: Teetering on the Edge: How Black Thursday Exposed the Flaws in the Crypto Markets - Ep.164

Laura Shin and Kyle Samani dissects Black Thursday, March 12, the day the crypto markets plunged twice amid the wider sell-off in the markets due to the coronavirus on the Unchained Podcast.

Laura Shin and Kyle Samani discuss How 2020 Will Be the Year of Small Success Stories

Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital looks ahead to 2020 based on how the space changed from 2018 to 2019. He talks about how the space has matured and become more heterogeneous, when developers choose to build on platforms other than Ethereum and when they stick with it, and how the uncertainties about Ethereum 2.0 are affecting developers' choices.

2019 하반기 멀티코인 서밋을 마무리하며 (영상)

멀티코인 서밋은 매번 뚜렷한 테마를 가지고 진행해왔습니다. 금번 서밋은 세 가지 부문에 대한 담론이 주를 이루었습니다. 바로 1) 암호자산에 대한 기관들의 인식; 2) 암호자산 거래소와 네오뱅크(은행의 진화된 형태)가 시사하는 바; 그리고 3) 업계가 무풍(無風)상태에서 명백히 성장했다는 증거입니다. 독자분들께서는 해당 링크에서 2019년 11월 멀티코인 서밋 영상을 시청하실 수 있고, 과거 영상은 멀티코인의 유튜브 채널에서 찾으실 수 있습니다.

Kyle Samani Speaks with BlockchainBrad about Crypto Investments

Today BlockchainBrad speaks with Multicoin Capital's Managing Director, Kyle Samani. We talk candidly about crypto investment, their investment thesis, and we talk in detail about Arweave.

Blizscaling: How a Crypto Startup Rapidly Grows a Global Business

Kyle Samani, Managing Director at Multicoin Capital joins Binance CFO Wei Zhou to discuss Multicoin Capital’s research on Binance as one of the fastest scaling startups in tech. Wei shares his Binance stories as well as insights on the Indian crypto marker and Binance’s recent acquisition there.

2019 상반기 멀티코인 서밋(Multicoin Summit)을 마무리하며 (영상)

멀티코인 서밋은 매년 2회 초대받은 이들만을 대상으로 진행되는 비공개 행사로, 암호자산 업계에 종사하는 유수의 유명인사를 초청하여 최신 트렌드와 산업에 유의미한 주제들에 대한 의견을 공유합니다. 물론 행사가 멀티코인의 LP들과 업계 파트너들을 중심으로 진행되지만, 본사는 독자분들에게도 이 자리에서 진행되었던 토의 내용을 최대한 공유하고자 노력하고 있습니다.

멀티코인 서밋 (Multicoin Summit) 패널단 소개: 2018년 3분기

2018년 가을을 맞이하여 열린 이번 멀티코인 서밋은 암호자산 업계의 가장 명석한 두뇌를 가진 이들과 함께 뉴욕시 소재의 드림 호텔(Dream Hotel)에서 개최되었습니다. 정말 감사하게도 몇몇 연사 분들께서는 이 행사에 참석하시기 위해 지구 반 바퀴가 넘는 거리를 감수하고 찾아주시기도 하였습니다.

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2019 가을 뉴욕시 서밋

뉴욕시에서 2019 년 가을 멀티 코인 서밋의 비디오 모음


Multicoin Summit | Fall 2019 | Kyle Samani presents "Exchanges Are Next Generation Neo-Banks"

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, presents why "Exchanges Are Next Generation Neo-Banks" at the Fall 2019 summit.


Multicoin Summit | Fall 2019 | Adam White, COO, Bakkt

Adam White, the COO of Bakkt, is interviewed by Bobby Cho, the President and Partner at CMS Holdings, at the Fall 2019 Multicoin Summit.


Multicoin Summit | Fall 2019 | Sam Williams, Arweave

Sam Williams, a Co-Founder of Arweave, presents at the Fall 2019 Multicoin Summit on the mathematics that enables permanent data storage.


Multicoin Summit | Fall 2019 | Jack O'Holleran, CEO, Skale

Jack O'Holleran, the CEO of Skale, presents an overview of Skale's elastic blockchain network and touches on the most recent and upcoming milestones for the project.


Marcos Veremis, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates

Marcos Veremis, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates, speaks with Tushar Jain, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, about the institutional mindset around cryptoassets.