Kyle Samani Joins Howard Lindzon On Panic With Friends to Talk the Past, Present and Future of Crypto

October 18, 2020 | 49 minute listen

Kyle Samani Joins Howard Lindzon On Panic With Friends to Talk the Past, Present and Future of Crypto

October 18, 2020 | 49 minute listen

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Happy Sunday everyone. With all the money printing around the globe, I thought it would be a good time to talk Bitcoin and Crypto. I invited Kyle Samani on the podcast because he has a great understanding of the technology and products. I am a personal LP in his fund starting in 2017 and they have had positive results for me so far including the brutal bear market in crypto that began in January of 2018. I hope you enjoy and I guarantee you will learn a lot.

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Fun Fact: Kyle began programming when he was 10 years old. Growing up with a computer scientist as a father, Kyle fostered his fascination with software at a young age. This has guided a lifelong passion throughout his life.

What’s the Panic About:

If my guest ends the episode saying they want to panic “more frequently,” then I think I’ve done my job as host. The guest I’m referring to in this case is Kyle Samani. Kyle is the founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a firm that invests in all things crypto (including companies and tokens). Crypto can sometimes seem like this abstract thing people are either tired of talking about or don’t want to take the time to understand. No one takes the time to truly show down and explain it, but Kyle does just that this episode. I had a great time talking with him this episode as he discussed the history of and investing in crypto, decentralization, Web3, blockchains and his predictions for the future of crypto. I give Kyle major props for surviving the bear market in crypto in 2018 and 2019. Kyle has such an interesting point of view on this subject. I hope you learn something new (and maybe are less intimidated by crypto) by the end of this episode!

The Takeaway:

While crypto is super volatile, it isn’t going away anytime soon (Kyle does explain why Bitcoin could struggle). Kyle believes we will finally see a consumer use case that people will love by the end of next year. The product/s will transform how we create and acquire value.

Favorite Quotes:

“All the ideological dollars are maxed out in Bitcoin and the non ideological dollars don’t care (yet)”

“A lot of the things we learn from being in the public markets makes us better investors in the private markets”

“Bitcoin is the strongest substantiation of property rights of anything you can find on the planet earth”

Food for Thought:

Kyle presented my listeners with a challenge of his own this episode: dig around and do your own homework in the crypto space! If you’re looking for a good place to start, Multicoin Capital has a very educational blog where Kyle frequently posts.

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