The Multicoin Summit

September 2022 | New York City

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What is the summit?

The Multicoin Summit brings together the deepest thinkers in crypto to discuss the biggest opportunities in the ecosystem

Held annually, our summits are first and foremost for our partners. In addition, we invite a select group of distinguished speakers to present on the major themes and prevailing forces driving the industry forward. Request an invite below.

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Opening Remarks
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
Crypto Past, Present, Future
  • kyle samani Kyle Samani
Fireside Chat with Solana
  • Toly Anatoly Yakovenko
  • Raj Gokal Raj Gokal
Fireside Chat with Helium
  • Amir Haleem Amire Haleem
  • Frank Mong Frank Mong
Fireside Chat with Ribbit Capital
  • Micky Malka Micky Malka
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
Closing Remarks
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
  • kyle samani (2) Kyle Samani

2018-2021 Speakers & Panels

Defining the Next Generation of Crypto Apps with Composability

In this talk, Kyle introduces the idea of composability and explains why it’s at the center of the firm’s investment strategy for the year ahead.

Fireside Chat with Micky Malka, Managing Partner, Ribbit Capital

Over the course of an hour, Tushar Jain and Micky Malka, the Managing Partner of Ribbit Capital, explore their relationship, the intersection between fintech and crypto, and trends in decentralized finance.


Spring 2019 Summit: Institutional Portfolio Construction

At the Spring 2019 Multicoin Summit, Chris Bartholomew of UNC Management Company and Ray Hindi of L1 Digital discuss how institutional allocators should think about crypto in the context of their broader portfolios.

Fall 2018 Multicoin Summit: On Portfolio Construction in Crypto Assets

Tushar Jain and Fred Wilson discuss Portfolio Construction and Ethereum.

The State Of Dapp Development

Vinny Lingham, Matt Luongo, Yaniv Tal, and Nadav Hollander discuss the challenges of developing dapps today.

Can Application Layer Tokens Deliver Venture Scale Returns?

Arianna Simpson, Josh Nussbaum, and Tushar Jain discuss the fat protocol thesis, and whether application layer tokens can deliver venture scale returns.

Fireside Chat with Raj Gokal, COO, Solana

This conversation explores the origins of Solana, the core innovations of the platform, and the relationship between Multicoin Capital and Solana over the past two years. It concludes by looking forward and exploring new high-speed applications in decentralized development.

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