The Multicoin Summit

May 2019 | Half Moon Bay

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What is the summit?

The Multicoin Summit brings together the deepest thinkers in crypto to discuss the biggest opportunities in the ecosystem

Held bi-annually, our summits are first and foremost for our partners. In addition, we invite a select group of distinguished speakers to present on the major themes and prevailing forces driving the industry forward. Request an invite below.

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Opening Remarks
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
Multicoin Capital's Investment Thesis
  • kyle samani Kyle Samani
Portfolio Construction for Institutional Allocators
  • ray hindi Ray Hindi
  • chris bartholomew Chris Bartholomew
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
A Fireside Chat with Balaji Srinivasan, CTO, Coinbase
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
  • balaji srinivasan Balaji Srinivasan
Value Capture and Tradeoffs of Layer 1
  • kyle samani (2) Kyle Samani
  • ali yahya Ali Yahya
  • alex pack Alex Pack
The Promise of Prediction Markets
  • paul fletcher Paul Fletcher-Hill
The Future of Open Finance
  • robert leshner Robert Leshner
Decentralized Telecom (+ Q&A)
  • amir haleem Amir Haleem
  • Tushar Jain Amir Haleem + Tushar
Crypto-Native Metrics & Data Science
  • Zach Bolian Zach Bolian
The Maturation of Crypto Market Infrastructure
  • greg tusar Greg Tusar
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
  • Mattb Matthew Ballensweig
Closing Remarks
  • Tushar Jain Tushar Jain
  • kyle samani (2) Kyle Samani

We owe a special thanks to our 2019 Sponsors.

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2018 Speakers & Panels

Spring 2019 Summit: Institutional Portfolio Allocation

Chris Bartholomew of UNC Management Company and Ray Hindi of L1 Digital discuss how institutional allocators should think about crypto.

Fall 2018 Multicoin Summit: On Portfolio Construction in Crypto Assets

Tushar Jain and Fred Wilson discuss Portfolio Construction and Ethereum.

The State Of Dapp Development

Vinny Lingham, Matt Luongo, Yaniv Tal, and Nadav Hollander discuss the challenges of developing dapps today.

Can Application Layer Tokens Deliver Venture Scale Returns?

Arianna Simpson, Josh Nussbaum, and Tushar Jain discuss the fat protocol thesis, and whether application layer tokens can deliver venture scale returns.

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